Sunday, 28 August 2016

Sights, Ideas, Art and Designs.

Since my last post I have been to so many interesting places and seen lots of wonderful things.No sewing but heaps of inspiration.
 First up was the Warwick Jumper and Jazz. It's hard to believe you would see so many stunning  things  made from wool. Every step you took you saw more remarkable art work. It was so hard to know what to look at first.  I have put up a few pics to give you a little taste.

       Even the people dressed up in wool cloths, hats, hair and beards

Love this piece. Looked like a very large crocheted rug but it was bottle tops all zippy tied together.

                   Glass wall at a coffee shop.

The end of July it was time to meet up with P and R again. This time in Melbourne

A few of the things I found interesting while getting around Melbourne.

My next stop was Sydney. This time Rob and I done the Penrith Mad Quilters. While Pauline was in   Bali teaching.
I got to catch up with family which was great. My cousin Dice took me to a craft Opp Shop. Now I know what happens to all our treasures when we pass on.

                                                                  Shirt fabrics

                                                        Beautiful wool fabrics

         Rob and I ready for our First day to start at Mad Quilters.

The Next stop was Canberra where Pauline Joined back up with us. Sorry no photos. I would love to show pics of all the wonderful quilts I see at each show but, because of copy right I'm not allowed.
Time to leave a very cold Canberra and head to Newcastle.

 Time to kick off the boots and go for a walk on the beach. Lots of great things to take take in and enjoy.

       The different colours and prints of the leather.

Our trip has come to a end. All packed and ready to head home.

 Once Home I had a lovely time cutting out the next part of my quilt. Only I don't have time to do much more then that.

 Had to pack it away to wait for another day. I have one day to repack my bags to head off again. So until next time happy sewing.

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